The "CARGO TRACKING NOTE" or the global system of information on cargo for the protection of ships and port facilities is a solution of verification and monitoring of international maritime transport in order to prevent any attack and locate the responsibility of each maritime operator in the case of shipping hazardous and dangerous product. The CTN helps to strengthen the image of ports and countries that have signed, respected and implemented the required plan of the ISPS Code.

The aim of the CARGO TRACKING NOTE is to contribute to the substantial reduction of risk for maritime security of ships and port facilities by providing accurate and reliable assessments of ships, their owners and managers.

The United States of America implemented the 24 Hours Rule since December 2nd, 2002. It was in force in Europe since January 1st, 2011.
In Africa, the process is under way in many countries.

4 key elements:

  • A security declaration must be made to the Sierra Leone Ports authorities for goods being imported into or Out the Sierra Leone.
  • Arrival notification in the EU of the means of transport.
  • Setting of standardized community criteria for detecting goods at risk.
  • Taking into account the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status.

Operator obligations

Safety and security entry summary declaration (ENS)

  • Transmitted solely by web based system http://www.ctn-gtms.com to the first SL port reached from 15th February 2015.
  • ENS = ENtry Summary declaration = logistics and commercial information.
  • For all the goods aboard the means of transport.
  • In compliance with the legal time limits for the means of transport, type of transport and type of goods.

    Responsible operator

Who is responsible for the ENS ?

  • The carrier or his representative or The freight forwarder
  • Any person who is able to present or get the goods presented the importer or his representative.
    The person that lodges the ENS is responsible for the information being given to the customs authorities.

ENS time limits

Long distance shipping

  • Containerized cargo: 24 hours before the ship bound for the SL Ports is loaded.
  • Conventional or bulk: 4 hours prior to the ship’s arrival at the first SL port.
  • Short distance shipping
  • Containers / Trailers / Conventional / Bulk: 2 hours prior to the ship’s arrival at the first SL port.
  • Towed trailers: 1 hour prior to arrival at the SL port of entry.

    ENS data terminology

Arrival notification
Arrival notification of the means of transport

  • The operator (or his representative) of the active means of transport entering the SL territory must notify the authority.
  • The port authorities of the first SL point of entry country must be notified.
  • The notification must contain the list of permissions obtained following the lodging of the ENS for all the goods being transported.
  • The carrier (or his representative) must ensure that all goods being transported are covered by ENS.